Have You Been Ghosted By CL?

Here’s how to post free classified ads without the nonsense:

Do you want to post free classified ads, but don’t want to deal with craigslist’s silly policies?

I am speaking specifically about “ghosting” that craigslist does.

Just in case you don’t know what I mean, this is where CL will let you post your ads and even make you think that the ads were posted successfully, but the ads never actually show up on the CL website.

Craigslist tells you that your post has been published, but your post never shows up with the other ads on craigslist. The system gives you a URL and a post ID. You can see your post if you copy and paste the URL in your browser, but unfortunately, no body else will be able to see it because it will not appear in craigslist.

When you posted classifieds on CL before ghosting, the posts that you did would show up on the front page of CL. Then when your post was flagged, you would receive a courtesy email telling you that your ad had been flagged. But if your ad was flagged by CL staff, you would not receive an email telling you this. Instead your ad would just simply disappear with no warning what-so-ever. It is a sneaky way to get rid of people who they don’t want posting on craigslist, for whatever reason.

Craigslist has their own policy about doing this and they do not openly share why any ad is “ghosted”. Nor do they even admit that they do it.
We here at seemepost.com believe that this is not right. seemepost.com is how to post free ads online fast and easy.

If you need free advertising and would like to post free ads but don’t want to deal with nonsense, then do yourself a favor and check out seemepost.com. You can post free classifieds anytime you want without the nonsense.

Unlike some other sites, the customer’s satisfaction is our policy.
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