Source Of WikiLeaks Docs Comes Forward.

Source Of WikiLeaks Docs Comes Forward, Not Putin, Not Even Russian

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, is a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He says he knows where the WikiLeaks documents came from and, as Mr. Assange has insisted, it hadnothing to do with the Russians. He has firsthand knowledge because he is the individual who received the documents in a clandestine handoff from disgruntled DNC insiders.

In September Mr. Murray flew to Washington DC in order to receive the documents, which were given to him in a wooded area near American University in the northwest part of the city. The person he met with was not the original person who obtained them but an intermediary.

Murray is described by the Daily Mail in their report as a controversial figure who was removed from his post as a British ambassador amid allegations of misconduct. He was later cleared of those allegations but opted to leave the diplomatic service due to the animosity that had been created.

He is well-known to have tight links to WikiLeaks. His statement is one of the few steps on the part of the publisher to assuage the misinformation being put out by the US government, Democrats and their mainstream propagandist allies.

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